What sort of world do you want to live in?

Do you long for peace? Tranquility?

Material possessions?

Media obsession?


The majority of us hold our hearts in the wrong place

Thinking life is about reputation


Staying trendy

Don’t you see our world is descending?


You’d rather gossip than help the elderly lady with the injured hip

Sip your Starbucks while the homeless man outside has no bucks


Expect the world to be great to you, as if the universe owes you

Tell me, what wonderful things have you done?

Only looking out for yourself isn’t one


Smile at the man that let you get over to the left lane

Say thank you to the woman giving samples away

Is it really that much of a pain?


Sure, a little kindness goes a long way

Imagine if you gave out a lot

Every single day


I hope when you picture the world you want to live in

You think about the kindness you’d want to be given


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