Never E N O U G H

To be honest, I'm sad I wasn't good enough in the eyes of someone like you. I'm sad I wasn't strong enough to rid myself of you. I'm sad you weren't the person I dreamt of you to be. I'm sad you were the worst man. The worst man. To me.   Here I am,… Continue reading Never E N O U G H

Depression is a Loaded Gun — Discover

Derek Powazek comes to terms with his lifelong companion, depression: “I cannot keep doing the things I always have done. I can’t let depression define me, I can’t fight it, I can’t pretend it away. I have choose to do something else.” via Depression is a Loaded Gun — Discover "This was a beautifully written… Continue reading Depression is a Loaded Gun — Discover


F A T H E R You set the pace for bad habits. Having me continually believe I don't matter. Seven years since I've seen you. Seven years I've been "free." It still doesn't feel like it to me. I loathe that you influence everything I do. Without even giving you permission. You drive my… Continue reading F A T H E R