What sort of world do you want to live in? Do you long for peace? Tranquility? Material possessions? Media obsession?   The majority of us hold our hearts in the wrong place Thinking life is about reputation Offending Staying trendy Don't you see our world is descending?   You'd rather gossip than help the elderly… Continue reading HUMAN KINDNESS

Stay A W A Y

The audacity Such a tragedy You speak out   The nerve You and your filthy words   Wasting your breath Calling me beautiful Making my heart feel full   The pointlessness sometimes It overwhelms   The disappointment The disappointment I sit and share with myself   Lying is your first and only language   Do… Continue reading Stay A W A Y


Your words are like mud to me, Worthless, filthy and obnoxious.   Your words make a hushed sound to me, A faint whisper of mangled meanings.   Nothing you say I can take seriously.   For if I ever tune in to the buzzing whispers, All I hear is tiny white lies; bold insults and… Continue reading M U D

Made The Right Choice

Many have said I made the right choice Then they fall silent Many people have said I've made the right choices Yet my heart swells with regrets My blood stream is filled with the emotions my heart pumps I'm taken over, it's won If you're all so certain I've done the right things Why is… Continue reading Made The Right Choice

Never E N O U G H

To be honest, I'm sad I wasn't good enough in the eyes of someone like you. I'm sad I wasn't strong enough to rid myself of you. I'm sad you weren't the person I dreamt of you to be. I'm sad you were the worst man. The worst man. To me.   Here I am,… Continue reading Never E N O U G H


F A T H E R You set the pace for bad habits. Having me continually believe I don't matter. Seven years since I've seen you. Seven years I've been "free." It still doesn't feel like it to me. I loathe that you influence everything I do. Without even giving you permission. You drive my… Continue reading F A T H E R