I am the rocks beneath the water

Crisp water flows over me

I filter it with my smooth stones

Crystal clear, reflective, bright

The beautiful water never puts up a fight


Fearful I become of the night

Tiny tide pools begin to form

My stones begin to sink


I’m now transported

I’ve become the dense sand at the bottom of the ocean

Dark, vacant, silent

Everything seems like nothing here


I can’t feel

Numb is what I’ve become

Lost at a certain latitude and longitude

Nobody would bother to search for you


Do I scream out for help?

I stay quiet

The darkness consumes me

There is no up

There is no down

Left, Right, forwards, backwards

It’s all just nothing


Where has my beautiful clean water gone?

My smooth stones are now grated into soft sand

Sticking to the core of the Earth

I’m trapped here


I am the rocks beneath the water

The darkness was all in my head

I never left my clear ravine


You’re the density that tears my world apart


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