N I C H O L A S – Part 3

You never changed…

It was all an act.


Every time.


You have a daughter.

Yet don’t bother to grow the fuck up.


I gave you a handful of second chances.

But I always knew you were trash that is classless.


Jerry Springer.

New episode every fucking day when you’re around.

Flip the TV on.

Today’s episode is “Liar, Liar – Fuck you, I’m Fire.”

Trying to act all high and mighty.

As if you’re the shit.

Yet you can’t speak one word of truth.


Trespassing and threatening.

Even the officer said you have an attitude.

You stupid mother fucker thinking laws don’t apply to you.


Your sad cries are fucking dead to me.

You say “boo hoo” with your woe as me.

Fuck you.

You have an actual infant.

She could use a real father.

Not a deadbeat shit bag.


But here we are, with you acting like a bitch.

Are we sure I’m the one that had her?

Because you seem like the one with the pussy.


Just sayin’

You sensitive fucking prick.

You’re a nobody.

You’re nothing.

Just a piece of lint on a micro dick.





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