It’s S T R A N G E?

That’s the word you use for my trauma, for my defeat and for my disappointment? Strange…

You look back on my life – recollect with me about moments of misery, then respond with the word strange

The only thing strange is your response. Oh how you continue to cut me deeper inside. Given the person you are and the family you come from, I should be able to believe it but I’m still quite shocked. Strange… This is the word you use?! The only word you can think of?! You can’t even compose a whole sentence? I… I’m at a loss with you, I don’t know what to do with you and the placement of you in my life. I try to hang on but you’re not seeming worth it.

The only ones I don’t hate on your side of the family are dead. It’s a shame you’re the ones left alive. Those who are dead must be severely disappointed with you and how you’ve chosen to live your life. The way you’ve chosen to treat others, especially your own blood… Turning in their graves they are…

I wish to squish you like a fly – a quick impulsive decision to rid me of the annoyance. Later, I could look back at the mangled corpse and decide if I regret it. For now, I just want you gone.

STRANGE, yes so unbelievably strange of you to say that to me. So insensitive, so filled with denial. I couldn’t loathe you more in this moment for saying such a thing to me. What is wrong with you, really? You’d rather defend your despicable brother with all your delusions than embark on new memories of life with me? You choose him not only over myself but over my daughter as well? STRANGE… So very strange of you to do that. You’ve made your choice I suppose, now I’ll make mine.

You’re nothing but a fly to me.


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