Made The Right Choice

Many have said I made the right choice

Then they fall silent

Many people have said I’ve made the right choices

Yet my heart swells with regrets

My blood stream is filled with the emotions my heart pumps

I’m taken over, it’s won

If you’re all so certain I’ve done the right things

Why is it that your voices so quickly fade away?

Quick reassurance

A polite thing to say

Truth is all that will help me now

My brain fights off my heart

Logic says I regret nothing

When my heart feels overwhelmingly lonely

That’s when it starts to feel something

Maybe I miss those who’ve done me wrong

Maybe I miss who I thought they were

Or could be

Maybe I miss the people who were once close to me

Maybe I wish they’d learned their lessons before they met me

The regret I feel sometimes

Comes straight from the empty parts of my heart

Shoots down my spine

Spoils my blood

I start to cry

I’m so hurt

You could say I’m a thousand tiny pieces

When really I’m reinforced steel

To break apart would be liberating

To recreate

Yet the walls inside me refuse to shake

You all tell me I’ve made the right decisions

Is that just how you wish to see me in your visions?

Every choice I’ve made has put me in an exponentially difficult place

How could that be correct?

Am I building more character?

Or am I walking towards the cliffs edge?

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