Never E N O U G H

To be honest,

I’m sad I wasn’t good enough in the eyes of someone like you.

I’m sad I wasn’t strong enough to rid myself of you.

I’m sad you weren’t the person I dreamt of you to be.

I’m sad you were the worst man.

The worst man.

To me.


Here I am, on my own.

This baby with me.

Suffering without the man a father should be.

Here I am, all alone.

This baby is developing.

Wanting to condemn the man that did this to me.


You’re a sperm bank.

A blind donar.

Except, regretfully, I know your face.

It’s imprinted on my brain.

It’s everything I used to love.

Now it’s in our daughter’s features.


How could I not be enough for the likes of you?

You’re human garbage through and through.

You called me an angel many times.

Yet you beat me as if it’s not a crime.


I’m an angel Nick, you said it was true.

You tried to rip my wings off.

Too late, away I flew.

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